New Coldplay Album: First Thoughts

Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories, has been officially out for a week now and so I’ve had some time to soak it all in. First off, this is not Coldplay’s best album, but I don’t think anyone was expecting it to be considering it was created during Chris Martin’s divorce or “conscious uncoupling” as his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, puts it. The album is worth a listen, but it’s emotionally draining and isn’t something you can just shake away after hearing it.

This album is hauntingly beautiful and is reminiscent of Coldplay’s old, stripped back sound. The experimental fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds creates a melancholic journey for listeners. The songs engulf you and they take you with them, leaving you numb. You have to be emotionally prepared for this album, because while it gets boring at times, it will shake your inner core, especially if you have experienced heartbreak.

You need to listen to the whole album before picking apart the songs because it’s one of those works that requires a full listen in order to fully comprehend it. The album is a path towards acceptance of a lost love, and Martin’s voice successfully captures almost every single emotion you can feel when your heart is broken.

Standout songs for me are “Always in my Head”, “True Love”, “Midnight”, “A Sky Full of Stars” and “O”.

Grab your best pair of headphones, and get ready for a heart-wrenching 45 minutes.


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