Favorite Cover: “Mine” by Beyoncé ft. Drake Covered by Third Eye Blind

One of my favorite Beyoncé songs is “Mine”, featuring Drake. It’s deep, powerful, and beautifully mysterious.   Third Eye Blind recently covered the song and transformed it into something completely new. The beauty of music is that a song can change completely depending on who sings it. The original song is haunting and mysterious and one cannot help but wonder Beyoncé’s motives during the song. Is she threatening her lover or is she simply presenting the everyday doubts that come with marriage? The haunting and futuristic backing track, combined with Drake’s ambiguous rap lyrics make for an intriguing song wrapped in complexity. The music video adds to the confusion, with references to famous artwork and bombs exploding on the beach. Beyoncé’s breathy falsettos float throughout the track, singing “I just wanna say you’re mine, you’re mine. All I’m really asking for is you.” The song takes the listener on a dark journey of doubt and misunderstanding. Its beauty lies in its confusion and ambiguity.

Astonishingly enough, Third Eye Blind takes this original and makes it completely understandable. Beyoncé and Drake cannot be further from Stephan Jenkins vocally, and this makes for a remarkable cover. Third Eye Blind’s cover of “Mine” sounds like it comes straight from their 1997 record. The band takes a haunting, mysterious song and makes it a standard, straightforward love ballad. Jenkins makes Beyoncé’s semi-threatening lyrics sound endearing and loving. Instead of a woman presenting her doubt, the song transforms into a man professing his commitment to his lover. Gone are the futuristic, R&B, and trap beats. Jenkins sings along to a simple acoustic guitar and adds to the simplicity of the love song. While the song loses the creativity brought by Beyoncé and Drake, it provides lyrical clarity. Third Eye Blind’s cover of “Mine” proves that the meaning of a song can be completely transformed depending on who sings it and how they sing it. While the original leaves listeners feeling emotionally confused and intrigued, the cover makes you feel protected and loved. Check out both versions below and let me know what you think!

Original song:




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