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Favorite Cover: “Mine” by Beyoncé ft. Drake Covered by Third Eye Blind

One of my favorite Beyoncé songs is “Mine”, featuring Drake. It’s deep, powerful, and beautifully mysterious.   Third Eye Blind recently covered the song and transformed it into something completely new. The beauty of music is that a song can change completely depending on who sings it. The original song is haunting and mysterious and one cannot help but wonder Beyoncé’s motives during the song. Is she threatening her lover or is she simply presenting the everyday doubts that come with marriage? The haunting and futuristic backing track, combined with Drake’s ambiguous rap lyrics make for an intriguing song wrapped in complexity. The music video adds to the confusion, with references to famous artwork and bombs exploding on the beach. Beyoncé’s breathy falsettos float throughout the track, singing “I just wanna say you’re mine, you’re mine. All I’m really asking for is you.” The song takes the listener on a dark journey of doubt and misunderstanding. Its beauty lies in its confusion and ambiguity.

Astonishingly enough, Third Eye Blind takes this original and makes it completely understandable. Beyoncé and Drake cannot be further from Stephan Jenkins vocally, and this makes for a remarkable cover. Third Eye Blind’s cover of “Mine” sounds like it comes straight from their 1997 record. The band takes a haunting, mysterious song and makes it a standard, straightforward love ballad. Jenkins makes Beyoncé’s semi-threatening lyrics sound endearing and loving. Instead of a woman presenting her doubt, the song transforms into a man professing his commitment to his lover. Gone are the futuristic, R&B, and trap beats. Jenkins sings along to a simple acoustic guitar and adds to the simplicity of the love song. While the song loses the creativity brought by Beyoncé and Drake, it provides lyrical clarity. Third Eye Blind’s cover of “Mine” proves that the meaning of a song can be completely transformed depending on who sings it and how they sing it. While the original leaves listeners feeling emotionally confused and intrigued, the cover makes you feel protected and loved. Check out both versions below and let me know what you think!

Original song:


The Allie Davis Beyoncé Exam (Create your Own)!

Hey guys! I created a Beyoncé exam for my boyfriend as a joke (but let’s be real I’m glad he passed) and it blew up really quickly. Here are the questions on the exam so that you guys can quiz your friends/boyfriends! I’m going to create other versions soon. A good relationship should have a little Yoncé in it. Stay tuned!

The Official ______________Relationship Test

Must score 60% or higher to stay in the relationship

  1. Please name three Beyoncé songs (any more can be used as extra credit):
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  1. Please list the first names of at least three One Direction members (last names are extra credit):
  2. Circle the correct version of Beyoncé’s full name: Beyoncé Justice Knowles, Beyoncé Giselle Carter, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, Beyoncé Giselle Carter-Knowles
  3. Match the song title with the artist.
“Blood on the Leaves” Jay Z
“Dirt Off Your Shoulder” Nicki Minaj
“Steal My Girl” Kanye West
“Partition” Beyoncé
“Truffle Butter” ft. Drake, Lil Wayne One Direction
  1. Briefly explain the Solange Knowles elevator incident. Who was involved? What was the public’s reaction? Did Beyoncé respond to the incident? (5 pts.)
  1. Please list five concerts I have attended. (Bonus points for listing celebrities I’ve met):
  • ________________________________
  • ________________________________
  • ________________________________
  • ________________________________
  • ________________________________
  1. Who are my two favorite male rappers? Who is my favorite female rapper?
  1. Finish the lyric:
  • Sippin’ from your cup till it runneth over, holy _________________
  • Then I fill the tub up halfway and ride it with my ____________, ___________
  • My anaconda don’t want none unless you got ________, __________
  • She said, Ye can we get married at the _________?
  • Say my _______, say my _________, when no one is around you say “Baby I love you”
  1. Who is the better live vocalist: Beyoncé or Rihanna?
  1. Should Harry Styles cut his hair?

Hearing vs. Listening to Music

How many times have you heard a song without really knowing what it’s about? I know that I’m guilty of passively listening to music, partly due to our overexposure to the same songs. Think top-40 radio. I’m not bashing radio, but having interned at a popular radio station gave me a new perspective on how it can be damaging to artists. It’s great that radio can get a song out there to a wide array of audiences, but stations often take it to a new level and play the same songs over and over and over again; to the point where nobody ever wants to hear that song again. “Blurred Lines” in the summer of 2013 is a perfect example of this. I couldn’t make it 10 minutes in my car without hearing Robin Thicke tell me how much I want it. I’m shuddering at the thought. “Cause you’re a good girllll.” The beat was so catchy that it took me three weeks to even process that the lyrics basically encouraged rape. With the song’s overexposure, I can’t even imagine how many times I heard it during those three weeks.

Then I started listening. It changed everything.

I took in the lyrics and processed them. I sat down with a pair of headphones and listened to the song without any distractions. I wasn’t flipping through a magazine, checking Facebook, or texting my friends. I dedicated those three or four minutes to the song. I was then able to form my own opinion on its production and lyrical quality. Next time I heard the song, I didn’t find it so catchy after all.

I encourage you to start taking in music like you do books and paintings. It’s hard to multitask when you’re staring at a painting or reading a novel; yet it’s too easy to get other things done with your headphones on. Listening to music requires more dedication and self-control than hearing it. It requires thought and a conscious effort to understand. It’s worth everything because once you truly listen to a song and take in every single word and beat, you give it the ability to shake you and move your inner core.

I’m not saying that you can’t use music as background noise or that you shouldn’t listen to music while you’re trying to clean your room. I am encouraging you to take time to actually listen to songs so that you truly understand them the next time you hear them on the radio.

Music is art. It’s time we start remembering that.



How I Met…Beyoncé

While this post is not about music, per se, it’s about my favorite artist and my hero…Beyoncé. As I posted a few months ago, superstar duo Jay Z and Beyoncé set out on their massive stadium tour On The Run in June. I was wholeheartedly prepared for them to skip out on my home town, Minneapolis and readily purchased tickets to the Chicago show at Soldier Field. My brother and I initially struggled to get great seats but were blessed to finally land some floor tickets. We made the 8-hour trek to Chicago on the Megabus and excited is a complete understatement to how we were feeling at the time.

On the Megabus, I checked Instagram and realized that the Power 92 radio station was giving away a Beyoncé meet-and-greet. My heart raced and then sank all at once because while I was excited about the possibility of meeting my idol, I knew that I probably wouldn’t win the contest. Drew and I entered anyway and tried our best to submit as many entries as possible using the little Megabus wifi we had at our disposal. We chatted about what we would do if we actually got to meet her, even making a pros and cons list to make ourselves feel better when we were to inevitably lose the contest. Pros: We would meet Beyoncé, our lives would be complete, we would be apart of a select few who actually meets the Queen, we would meet Beyoncé. Cons: We would stress out so much about what to say to her, we wouldn’t know what to wear, we would probably pass out before we shook her hand. Of course, we lost the contest. I tweeted, “Hahahahaha dying at this girl who won Beyoncé meet and greets! omg so exciting!” and “The radio station totally tricked her, but she was so excited omg, I’m glad it was a fan that won.”

Drew asked me what I would do if I saw Bey at a restaurant in Chicago. I said that we would have to go up to her and say something but he said he would be more hesitant. We then made a decision to stop talking about it because we were getting our hopes up. I tweeted, “Radio contests are awesome, but I sometimes hate them because they give me false hope about possibly meeting Bey”.

Upon arrival to Chicago, I gave up all hope about meeting her. I mean, the city is absolutely huge. There was no way we were going to run into her. I shook the thought out of my mind because I was getting too worked up about something that would never happen. After dragging our luggage to the hotel in the scorching heat only to deal with credit card problems upon check-in, I was ready to hit the city and do some serious shopping. After all, I needed the perfect outfit for the concert the next night.

Drew and I didn’t have any luck at Forever 21 and headed on over to Wow Bao for a snack. We putzed around and ate our delicious food for a little before deciding on Top Shop. As we were walking in I said to Drew, “Didn’t Miley Cyrus come here once?” He nodded and we thought that it was pretty cool. We browsed around for about 20 minutes and I had plenty of options to try on in the downstairs dressing room. The employee made it a point to tell me to hang everything back up on the hangers when I was done trying on. I found some great dresses and asked Drew to head back upstairs to grab some more jean shorts in my size. When he came back down, the employee asked him to stand outside the dressing room area. I was busy hanging everything back up on my hangers when I received a text from Drew saying, “SOS. Get out here now.” He called for me as well and I was annoyed because I still had to hang up some more clothes. I finally finished and walked over to my brother. “Allie,” he started. “Don’t freak out but I think Beyoncé’s coming here.” My heart sped up and the blood rushed to my head; I could physically feel face get warmer. “How do you know that?” He proceeded to tell me that he overheard the employees talking when I was in the dressing room. We aimlessly walked over to a corner to make a game plan. I started, “Well we have to stay here all night. Do you think they meant tonight or tomorrow? Did you-“. He interrupted me with, “Allie, she’s right there, turn around.” That’s when everything changed.

I turned my head and saw Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Right there. In front of me. She was wearing a blue football jersey that said “Carter” on the back with white pants, black heels, and she was holding a champagne flute. Of course she was, she’s Beyoncé. Her hair was in two loose braids and she looked even more beautiful in person. If that’s even possible.

In that moment, it didn’t cross my mind not to go up to her. Her security team was not around her and she had a few friends with her; it was do or die. I took a few steps and remember muttering, “Beyoncé,” just to convince myself that it was actually her. I walked even closer and said, “Beyoncé. Hi!” She smiled. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Is there anyway we could get a picture with you? We’re such big fans!

Bey: I’m sorry, no pictures tonight.

Me: No problem! (Seizures on the inside)

Drew: We’re coming to see your show tomorrow!

Bey: Aw really? Thank you (Smiling from ear to ear)

Bey puts her hand out and shakes my brother’s hand and then shakes mine. I look her in the eyes and say, “I’m Allie,” and that’s when I started to lose it.

Me: You’re my biggest idol and I really just want to thank you so much for everything you do. (I choke and start crying, but I try to hold back my tears).

Bey: Aw thank you. Thank you so much. (She kept smiling). It was so nice to meet y’all.

I walked away and cried at another clothing rack. Her security suddenly got more intense but she was still walking around the store. I don’t think anybody else got to talk to her like we did because we caught her just as she snuck in. We followed her around, trying to be discreet but dying on the inside. At this point, it has not hit me that I just met Beyoncé. I text my friends but they don’t initially believe me because I always joke around about hanging out with her. It’s one of those things that you can joke about because it’s so unlikely.

As she was turning another corner and walking our way again, I grabbed the nearest hat on the rack and plopped to goofy fedora on my head. I said to her, “Hey Bey, do you like our hats?”. She laughed and answered, “Cute, super cute,” as she walked by. It was one of those sarcastic exchanges that you have with a friend. So basically Beyoncé is my best friend. She walked around the store for a while and then went off into her dressing room where she remained before she snuck out at the end of the night. When she left the store, everybody screamed and freaked out because we had been keeping our cool for so long. I loved how nobody screamed at her and people respected her space. If it were Justin Bieber, his fans would have tackled him. People respect Bey and are extremely intimidated by her, which is why she got to shop like a decently normal person. Well, as normal as you can get for being a legend.

When I talked to her, she was extremely humble and sweet. Although I always knew this because of her interviews, I was impressed and relieved that my idol was actually the person her fans think she is. She was gracious, kind, poised, and breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t shake the fact that out of all of Chicago, my brother and I were the ones who happened to be at the perfect place at the perfect time. We happened to be at the same corner of the store as her, and this experience changed my perspective on fate and karma. I think that because my brother and I have been so dedicated to her and because we were gracious when we lost the radio contest, someone was looking out for us. Or maybe we are just the luckiest people in the world. I still can’t wrap my mind around what happened but I wanted to share my story because I never, ever thought that something like this would happen to me.

Miracles happen. I believe that now.


New Coldplay Album: First Thoughts

Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories, has been officially out for a week now and so I’ve had some time to soak it all in. First off, this is not Coldplay’s best album, but I don’t think anyone was expecting it to be considering it was created during Chris Martin’s divorce or “conscious uncoupling” as his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, puts it. The album is worth a listen, but it’s emotionally draining and isn’t something you can just shake away after hearing it.

This album is hauntingly beautiful and is reminiscent of Coldplay’s old, stripped back sound. The experimental fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds creates a melancholic journey for listeners. The songs engulf you and they take you with them, leaving you numb. You have to be emotionally prepared for this album, because while it gets boring at times, it will shake your inner core, especially if you have experienced heartbreak.

You need to listen to the whole album before picking apart the songs because it’s one of those works that requires a full listen in order to fully comprehend it. The album is a path towards acceptance of a lost love, and Martin’s voice successfully captures almost every single emotion you can feel when your heart is broken.

Standout songs for me are “Always in my Head”, “True Love”, “Midnight”, “A Sky Full of Stars” and “O”.

Grab your best pair of headphones, and get ready for a heart-wrenching 45 minutes.