New Beyoncé song! Boots ft. Bey: Dreams

Attention everybody! Stop what you’re doing because there’s a new Beyoncé song out!

Listen here:

Boots, the producer for 80% of Bey’s last album Beyoncé, created this song for his last mix tape. Before producing Beyoncé’s, not many people had heard of him. His popularity shot up overnight because the music fans all over the world realized that we’ve been missing out because Boots has a lot of talent. This new song, “Dreams,” is one of the most soothing Beyoncé tracks to date. Her vocals at the end send shivers down my spine and prove that her vocal control is truly out of this world.

Grab your best pair of headphones, sit back, and listen to “Dreams.”

Song of the Day: Super Rich Kids

You can listen to “Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)  below:

This is my favorite Frank Ocean song because of its sincere, raw emotion. You don’t typically hear about the troubles that come with being wealthy because most popular music discusses how being rich and famous is amazing. On top of that, Ocean samples Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love,” which is interesting in itself.

Listen to this song in its entirety, and then listen again. Once you soak it in and understand it, you can use it as a background song because of its smooth composition. It’s a dynamic song because its lyrics require your full attention, but its composition encourages relaxation.

Beyoncé and Jay Z: Summer Stadium Tour Rumor

Word on the street is that Beyoncé and Jay Z are planning a 20-date joint stadium tout this summer. The tour would reportedly start in late June, which would make it likely that the duo would stop in NYC for the 4th of July. If this is true, fans better start saving up because with superstars like Jay and Bey, the tickets will not be cheap. I am prepared to drive anywhere to see the powerful Mr. and Mrs. Carter onstage together.


Here are some songs that I would love to see them perform together.

1. Drunk in Love (I will be wearing my Surfboard sweatshirt)

2. Crazy in Love

3. Part II (On the Run)

4. ’03 Bonnie & Clyde

5. Upgrade U

6. Deja Vu

Cross your fingers because if this rumor is true, the US better be prepared to see one of the best shows to ever grace the stage.

Page Six was the first to report the news:

Song of the Day: Chocolate

The 1975, an English alternative rock band, deliver in their catchy song “Chocolate”.

Although the song was released last March, it is just starting to gain popularity in the US. The 1975 are a band to keep on your radar because I am expecting great things from them in the future. “Chocolate” is about the vicious cycle of addiction, which is quite fitting considering that the song itself is dangerously addicting.


Miguel ft. Wale: Bennie and the Jets

Miguel and Wale released a fantastic remake of Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets.”


You might be rolling your eyes because a lot of hip-hop remakes fail to capture the essence of the original song. Give this one chance, though. You’ll thank me later.

Miguel’s soulful voice and vocal runs add a new aspect to the song. He changes the composition and production enough that it doesn’t feel like he is copying the original. The addition of the electric guitar and the alterations to the piano line create a new, vibrant feeling to the tune. I love the new take on this song, and even Elton John applauded it by saying, “Miguel’s done a fantastic job. It’s important not to copy, and that’s what Miguel did.”

I could have done without Wale’s rap verse and would have been more satisfied with Frank Ocean, but all in all, it’s a fresh remake of a fantastic song.

Kanye West: Top 10 Songs

It’s hard to narrow down Kanye’s songs because frankly, he’s a musical genius. His giant ego aside, it’s impossible to argue that Kanye has an unbelievable talent for song production, lyricism, and staying relevant in the media. From his debut album, The College Dropout in 2004 to his most recent album, Yeezus, Kanye has not only profoundly developed as an artist, but he has also continually set the standards for the industry. Here are 10 Kanye songs that you absolutely cannot miss out on:

1. Jesus Walks (The College Dropout, 2004)

“Jesus Walks” is one of Kanye’s most performed songs, and it’s for a very good reason. The vulnerable lyrics and heavy beat create a breathtaking tension.

2. New Slaves (Yeezus, 2013)

Don’t be deceived by the simple beat; this hauntingly gritty song deals with slavery, racism, and materialism in the music industry. This song is ahead of its time and I guarantee that it will be coined a masterpiece within the next 5 years.

3. Flashing Lights (Graduation, 2007)

This song has the capability of capturing its listeners in an absolute trance. Get lost in this old-school jam that gets more intriguing with every listen.

4. Monster (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010)

“Monster,” featuring Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver, is a monster in itself. The disturbing, creepy, and ominous song is a lot to take it, but the journey is 100% worth it. Plus, this is one of Nicki Minaj’s best verses.

5. Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Late Registration, 2005)

If you haven’t heard this song, listen to it right now. “Throw your diamonds in the sky.”

6. Runaway (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010)

Kanye made a 30 minute film about this haunting song, which deals with relationship failures and the media’s daunting influence on him. The complex composition of the song mirrors West’s inner turmoil.

7. Blood on the Leaves (Yeezus, 2013)

Kanye presents an intriguing contrast between sacred and profane, which is presented through his lyrics and through the song’s unique composition. The tension is overwhelmingly beautiful.

8. Ni**as in Paris (Watch the Throne, 2011)

Jay Z and Kanye create an irresistible club anthem, embodying strong beats, art, and excitement. This hit will go down in history.

9. Bound 2 (Yeezus, 2013)

This song is the most controversial on my list because many people think that the music video is laughable due to its inclusion of Kim Kardashian and its overly-cheesy graphics. Many rap fans also hate the messy composition of the song, but I think that the unique messiness of the production is a perfect representation of a relationship. This song is broken, but I think it’s beautiful and poignant. This, like many other songs on Yeezus, is ahead of its time.

10. Stronger (Graduation, 2007)

This hip-hop song, infused with electronica, was an immediate hit. It’s almost impossible not to sing along, especially when you’re dancing at a club.


Song of the Day: Part II (On the Run)

Jay Z and Beyoncé do not disappoint in this track, which you can listen to here:

In a “Bonnie & Clyde” continuation, Bey and Jay sing about the sacrifices they’re willing to make for each other. The song is simple, yet extremely engaging and mesmerizing. The melody and background instrumental give the song an 80s feel and the lyrics are just so human. This is a refreshing and realistic take on the difficulties of love. It doesn’t hurt that we get more insight into one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples.

Who wants that perfect love story anyway? Anyway? Cliché, cliché, cliché, cliché

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